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Welcome to our new blog site.  We hope to use this blog as a way to inspire others that may be going through strabismus in their lives. We welcome feedback, comments, and questions and hope to get to know you better through this site.

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At the birth of our first born child we were greeted with the smile of a beautiful baby boy. After a few months we soon noticed that our child was cross eyed. Relatives called it “lazy eye” but we soon found out that this condition is called strabismus and that it is something completely different than lazy eye which is actually the common name for amblyopia.

This began our journey as we sought to find the answers to our questions. This journey forever changed our lives as we consulted with eye doctor after eye doctor (ophthalmologist) and learned about different ways to treat eye problems including strabismus surgery (also called eye muscle surgery), the possibility of having to wear an eye patch, and various alternative therapies.

Our life changing story has now gone on to be read by many across the country as a story of inspiration, hope, and faith.  Of course being part of this story makes it one of the most inspirational stories of all time to my family.  We invite you to read “Our Journey with Strabismus” (available at: www.ChildhoodStrabismus.com ) and find out more about the story that is quickly becoming a story read around the world.

Read more about our Book by visiting ChildhoodStrabismus.com


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